Who we are

We are an international and diverse group who work to make digital products and services that bring real value to the people, business and society. We work in multidisciplinary teams, with a staff of over 90, from over a dozen countries.

What we believe

We believe that our work should have integrity, and we all have a sense of purpose in what we create together. Our work motivates us, but it is the supportive teams, seamless collaboration, and always striving to improve that keeps this feeling going. At Making Waves we want everyone to feel they belong and have the opportunity to develop.

Scandinavian values

We are a global organization, but our roots lie in Scandinavia, and so do our values. We’re proud of this, because we think that an emphasis on equality, respect, and a work-life balance creates a more productive and successful company. The keyword guarding our in-house work is autonomy. We trust our experts to deliver through their best methods, and have a management and mentorship network that is prepared to support them whenever needed. Our flexible methods lead to empowered employees who work to over deliver the best quality products.


Working together seamlessly is vital at Making Waves. So we encourage it both in the everyday working environment, and also arrange one-off inspirational trips for departments.

This could be Project Management retreats in the Norwegian mountains, or a Design Department trip to Berlin to get inspired by other creative companies. 

English is our official language of operations.  Making Waves Polska is experienced in working with our other offices throughout Europe and the United States, and as a digital business partner throughout the world. As a result, we are used to adapting to different business cultures to best work with you, and deliver solutions.


A place to grow

We want everyone to be pushing themselves to be the best they can be, and we make that a priority. 

At our recurring event Breakfast Club, we invite experts to present interesting digital cases and current market trends. Our Breakfast Club is an important meeting point for the digital industry, a place where we exchange insight and opinions across companies and cultures.

Global gatherings

We believe that the best ideas don’t always come from a board room - they might happen when we are on a Wintercamp in the north of Sweden, at a company-wide event in Italy, or drawing inspiration from our surroundings in the Utah desert.